How to Prevent Your Hair From Getting Split Ends

Split ends are a common problem faced by women in Leeds and across the world. Regular treatment of split ends is often the best solution to maintain healthy hair. Brittle and under nourished hair are more prone to split ends. A good Mobile Hairdresser will help you to manage with your split ends from the comfort of your place.

It’s possible to get a quick and personal hair care service coming down to you at your location at your convenient time. Get your split ends trimmed by a professional mobile hairdresser to save your travel time and waiting time by visiting Get yourself a personalized haircut or simply spa and style your hair from home watching your kids paying with your dog.

Here are useful tips shared by professional mobile hairdressers on how to prevent your hair from split ends.

Regular trimming: Split ends when neglected gets weaker with time eventually causing the hair to break off. Regular trimming of hair prevents the hair from further damage from split ends. Gentle hair care products: Several products in the market promise to cure split ends. But most of them are bottles of chemicals that weaken the hair roots. Harsh chemicals can also cause further damaging effect on your hair. Use gentle hair care products and choose natural products over synthetic ones.

Good conditioner: A good conditions is essential to keep hair manageable. Apply a gentle conditioner after shampooing to prevent hair from getting frizzy.

Drying hair: Over doing with a high power drier makes hair dry and brittle. Run it over medium speed and make sure hair is free from excess water before blowing it dry. Or wrap wet hair with a towel for few minutes to soak excess water. Unwrap towel and allow hair to dry naturally.

Keep hydrated: Our hair also requires moisturizer just as our skin. Oils like coconut oil and olive oil are a great way to deep condition hair. Massage hair with oil during the night and shampoo the next day for silky soft hair.