My Favourite Car

fto-gpxOf all the cars that I have owned over the years, by far my favourite was the Mitsubishi FTO GPX. This was a “grey import” and therefore extremely rare in the UK.

The engine was a 2 litre V6 coupled to the front wheels via an automatic “tiptronic” gearbox. The exhaust not was a very unique sort of sound and along with the car’s sleek looks proved to be a real head turner.

Being a Mitsubishi, the FTO was extremely reliable and in fact the problem that I ever had with the car was when a back street garage screwed up the cam belt replacement an I had to take it to the Mitsubishi main dealer to get the job done properly.

The problem here was that the days of simple car engines are long gone, and a typical garage is no longer equipped to deal with the complicated valves, cams and timing that can be found in most modern engines these days.

The colour I chose for the car was white because most of the others in the country at the time seemed to be silver and I wanted to be different.

White cars have the advantage that scratches are not as easily seen, however on the down side they do need more frequent cleaning and valeting. With a dark coloured car you can often get away with an interior Aqua Vac, but a white car needs a regular wash, wax and leather in order to keep it clean.